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Modafinil is a central nervous system or CNS stimulant used to manage excessive sleepiness in the daytime caused by obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), narcolepsy, or shift work sleep disorder. Modafinil is available online (Buy Modafinil Online) under the brand name Provigil by Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Off-Label Uses of Modafinil

Athletes and performers have been known to use Modafinil as a doping agent to boost their performance. The practice has since been discontinued as it has been added to the ‘Prohibited List’ of drugs by the World Anti Doping Agency in 2004.

People looking to buy cognitive enhancers also use Modafinil even though studies have found that the positive effect of Modafinil in healthy people is quite limited particularly when used as a nootropic to increase cognitive functions. It is also used by students and other professionals in the military, medical, corporate, and several other fields, to evade sleep and increase their ability to focus.

Modafinil Dosage

Modafinil is generally recommended in a single dosage of 200 mg per day in the morning or one hour before the start of the work shift. It can be taken as a whole but some people prefer to break the tablet into two halves and take one half in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Doctors even recommend stronger doses to patients with a larger build, up to as much as 400mg per day.

It takes up to 40-60 minutes for the onset of Modafinil and its peak performance lasts 6 hours after the onset. Following this, its effects taper off until they stop altogether within the next 2 hours.

Controlled Drug

One cannot Buy Cognitive enhancers like Modafinil without prescription in several countries. Though Modafinil is an approved drug in most countries including the USA, France, Sweden, UK, Australia, Japan, and India. In the US, Modafinil is classified as a controlled substance under Schedule IV as per federal law. The import of Modafinil is also restricted to the importers registered with the DEA.

An individual can bring Modafinil into the US from other countries legally, up to 50 doses, if they have a valid prescription. The drug needs to be declared at border crossings. Countries such as China, Russia, Japan, Australia, and Sweden have also placed Modafinil in their restricted Schedule of drugs and it can only be obtained only by people who have valid prescriptions for it. Similar to how you can buy ADHD meds online, there are fewer restrictions on buying Modafinil online.

Buy Modafinil online

It is easy to order modafinil 200mg online. There are numerous vendors enabling people to buy Modafinil cash on delivery without much restrictions. If a person were to buy cognitive enhancers from other countries, it is possible that the package might be held up in custom checking, however, as long as it is not illegal in the country, the customs officers can not do anything about it.

This is why one should always order Modafinil in cheap prices from verified vendors. As a precaution against such situations,

  • we guarantee refunds in case the delivery is confiscated by the authorities;
  • re-ship the package; or
  • Allow buyers to get Modafinil COD.

If you have a prescription, you should order Modafinil online, Or Provigil Meds Online only for yourself and use it strictly as prescribed by the doctor. Be cautious as it is a habit-forming drug and do not share it with anyone.

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3 reviews for Modafinil 200mg

  1. Andrew

    From 1st tablet of modafinil, I felt a difference. I was about to work all night l was feeling fatigue ,sleepy. Always when I work night I struggle against fatigue and sleep. This night after taking modafinil every thing changed. No fatigue no sleepy , I feel super active WOW.

  2. Kesha Miller

    Really good medicine to manage my sleep during my Working hours as sometimes I have day shifts and sometimes I have to work during the night. Modafinil has a good affect on keeping me awake for 5-6 hours. Loved it!

  3. Luke Brayden

    Modafinil has helped my little sister get through her medical exams. She was prescribed with Modafinil 200 mg dosage and she really got recharged with super focus & concentration after each dose intake.
    Must take at suggested dose from experts!

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