Is Propecia the best medication for hair fall in Men?

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Hair fall is not commonly noticed among women, but men face it too. For those men, who are facing the frequent loss of hair and can see baldness as a severe issue, seek Propecia for help.

What is Propecia?

Propecia, which comes under the brand name of Finasteride, is often prescribed to the men to treat the problem of hair loss. It has specifically been formulated for the men and helps to prevent the loss of hair, keeping baldness at bay. One of the major Propecia Uses is known to restrict the process of conversion from dihydrotestosterone to testosterone. It is known that the DHT hormone diminishes the cause of hair follicles, thus limiting the growth of hair. The 1 mg dosage of Finasteride restricts the hormonal breakdown that is related to the loss of hair and stands out to be one of the major Propecia Effects. It can prove to be greatly effective if consumed under the doctor’s suggestions.

Things to consider

There are certain things that you need to consider to ensure if the particular medication will work for you or not. Similarly, there are certain issues that you need to take into consideration before opting for the medication to avoid Propecia Side effects.

  • If you have allergies, then consuming the particular drug can lead to the appearance of rashes and irritations on the skin.
  • Check with your doctor whether you have prostate problems or any kind of cancer because that might worsen with the particular drug intake.
  • Make sure that no pregnant lady consumes the drug and keep it out of their reach.

Minoxidil and Propecia

Much before Propecia came in the pharmaceutical industry, Minoxidil was introduced as a primary FDA-recognized drug to treat the problem of baldness among men. It was even largely used as pills to treat the condition of high blood pressure in the past. However, on further research, the report was put forth that the medication was resulting in the growth of hair at unwanted parts in the body. Moreover, the procedure of hair growth under Minoxidil is quite slow and seems to have only some temporary results. Thus, it was later withdrawn from the market and hence, replaced by the Propecia after passing it through specific tests. However, the drug is still in use in some parts of America for the individuals, on whom the dosage of Propecia does not work.

Can I get Propecia without a prescription?

Due to the taboo that is quite prevalent in our society regarding the hair loss of men, most want to take Propecia without Prescription. However, it is quite hard to get medicine without a prescription, especially if you Order Propecia Online. Online pharmacies have now made it a regulation to upload the prescription before adding the medicine to the cart. So, if you have a prescription, then you can avail of Propecia Cash on delivery at your doorstep from such online pharmacies at a great discount. Otherwise, you’ll have to look out for local pharmacies who can offer it without a prescription.

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  1. […] The other main factor to consider when taking the drugs is regular tests. Go for blood work from your doctor every two or three months after you begin taking the drug. The doctor will also check your PSA to ensure you do not have prostate cancer, which interacts negatively with this drug. Additionally, ensure that the drug is stored correctly; improper storage could affect how the drug works. Besides that, you must ensure to check the expiry date. (Get Propecia for Hair Loss) […]

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